Austin, Texas

Cute Nail Studio

Starting with a vision of “Old Austin” meets “Kawaii” style, Cute Nail Studio, in the rainbow house on the east side is now an unmistakable pillar of inclusivity in Austin, TX. With local and national supporters (and nearly 50K Instagram followers), Cute stays true to their intention that everyone, regardless of their place on any racial, gender identity or gender preference spectrum, deserves to feel welcome.

Known for their insanely artful nail designs, colorful body hair dying, tiny tattoos, tooth gems, rainbow colored building, hella-instagrammable restroom, and their newly developed take-home product line, Jason & Maria Darling requested that we elevate the Cute brand beyond the initial logo mark we initially designed just for their exterior pole sign.

With a better understanding of where Cute is today, we evolved the Cute brand to a level even “more cuter”. Giving the primary Cute logo a mass-produced / manufactured look inspired by cute and colorful plastic trinkets popular in Japanese Kawaii culture. With this direction, we expanded the Cute logo and developed an entire set of variations. We also updated the brand color palette, and created a design system for iconic illustrations. We designed an initial set of over 550 logo and icon assets; containing everything from hearts and stars, to switchblades, party nails, and a random bunch of ridiculously cute things.

Taking this redesigned Cute brand, we developed a branding system that provides the foundation and guidance necessary to maintain a strong consistent brand as they continue to expand their product line, services, and reach.

Of all the people we’ve worked with since even before we opened, they’re the only ones to consistently be on-schedule, to make realistic cost estimates, and to deliver beautiful work. They’re lovely to work with and I can’t recommend them enough (but I’m happy to try, call me anytime)!
— Jason Darling, Cute Nail Studio